CONGRATULATIONS for keeping your 2018 New Year’s Resolution!

(January 8-31)

Watch the “French Minute with Llyane” and practice with me, to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution this month, past the first week, and guarantee you’ll keep your word to yourself for the rest of the year.

new year's resolution

In this video series:

Everything you need to know while speaking French to the natives

…and how to use them TODAY!

Learn to hold a conversation around need-to-know topics so that your stay in Paris is flawless

You’ll discover:

  • The must-know French expressions that will help you manage all your travel arrangements like a natural in your next trip to Paris.
  • What you need to do to struggle less for words when you are speaking with natives.
  • How to make conversation even if you are a beginner and amaze your friends with your confidence.
  • How to rapidly expand your vocab so that you can attend that client meeting even if it’s scheduled for next week and impress them by speaking their native language
  • PLUS a little surprise bonus!


    What follows are examples taken from
    my Signature program J’Ouellette® Intensif,
    that helps you reach an advanced level of conversation,
    so you’ll get a taste of EXACTLY what you’ll learn when you register.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

    Day 15: January 22nd

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level B, lesson 6)

    Combien y a-t-il de mètres de tissu ?
    Il y en a trois.




    Day 14: January 21st

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level B, lesson 3)

    Quand j’étais petit, je ne buvais pas de vin.




    Day 13: January 20th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level B, lesson 1)

    Qui vois-tu ? Je vois Pierre.
    À qui parles-tu ? Je parle à Jean.




    Day 12: January 19th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 33)

    La montre a deux aiguilles; la petite aiguille montre les heures; la grande aiguille montre les minutes.
    Je vois les aiguilles, je les vois.
    BONUS from lesson 36: Il pleut aujourd’hui, il a plu hier, il pleuvra demain.




    Day 11: January 18th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 30)

    Je mets dans mon panier les fruits QUE j’achète avec de l’argent.




    Day 10: January 17th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 27)

    La classe finira à 11 heures.
    Jean et Paul se lèveront et rentreront à la maison des parents.




    Day 9: January 16th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 24)

    Le livre que je lis est intéressant. Celui que tu lis n’est pas intéressant.
    Le livre de Jean. Celui de Paul.




    Day 8: January 15th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 21)

    Quand je me lave, mon cou est mouillé, ma tête est mouillée, mes mains sont mouillées.
    Quand je m’essuie, mon cou est sec, ma tête est sèche, mes mains sont sèches.




    Day 7: January 14th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 18)

    J’ai une grande chambre; j’aime bien la chambre.
    J’ai une grande chambre QUE j’aime bien.
    J’ai une sœur; j’aime bien ma sœur.
    J’ai une sœur QUE j’aime bien.




    Day 6: January 13th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 15)

    Je vois un livre; il est sur la table.
    Je vois un livre QUI est sur la table.




    Day 5: January 12th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 12)

    Est-ce que tu as encore faim ?
    Oui, j’ai encore faim, donne-moi de la viande.
    Est-ce que tu veux encore du pain ?
    Oui, donne m’en !




    Day 4: January 11th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 9)

    Combien est-ce que Pierre met de morceaux de sucre ?
    Il met deux morceaux de sucre.




    Day 3: January 10th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 6)

    Avec quoi est-ce que tu regardes ? Je regarde et je vois avec mes yeux.
    Avec quoi est-ce que tu écoutes ? J’écoute et j’entends avec mes oreilles.




    Day 2: January 9th

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 3)

    J’ai deux bras: un bras gauche et un bras droit. Voilà mes bras.
    J’ai deux mains: une main gauche et une main droite. Voilà mes mains.




    Day 1: January 8th – Intro

    (from J’Ouellette Intensif, Level A, lesson 1)

    Qu’est-ce que c’est ? C’est un livre.
    Qu’est-ce que c’est ? C’est une table.




    In the Intensive program, we go deeper into each subject, which will help you be able to use the all the phrase constructions naturally in your conversation. If you want to know more about the program, please click here.
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    troy teague

    “learning a second language was something I have never endeavored before”

    “When I met her, learning a second language was something I have never endeavored before, and I thought that it is not my strength compared to my abilities in mathematics, engineering, athletics, etc.

    I only wish that I would have found her sooner!”

    ~ Troy Teague, CTO and Board Director, at Cavaloz Energy
    United States



    “after five weeks… I took myself by surprise speaking French”

    “After five weeks of taking Llyane’s Intensive Course I took myself by surprise speaking French, automatically and without thinking!

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    ~ Catherine Parker, Designer


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    “By working on a one on one basis with Llyane, she has been able to point out misconceptions about pronunciation and grammar that I have had since beginning to learn the language.

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    “I took French for a year but still struggled to understand or string together complete sentences. I was frustrated that nothing I learned really stuck and didn’t find my classes very motivating.

    Llyane puts a lot of emphasis on pronunciation, and I realize now how much it matters! It means the difference between past and present, singular and plural.

    During a recent trip to Paris, I was able to say some things in French without getting puzzled looks from the Parisians.”

    ~ Joni Savage, Software Architect
    United States


    will testimonial

    “Llyane has a way of unlocking one’s potential”

    “I’m well on my way to becoming fluent in French but, in addition, I’ve learned not to underestimate myself.

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    “I knew almost no French when I began with her – I am now moving to France”

    “I knew almost no French when I began with her nearly 6 months ago. I am now moving to France in one week, and although I am not yet completely fluent, I am confident in my abilities to communicate effectively.

    Llyane paid very close attention to my specific needs and gradually geared her style of teaching towards them, becoming a perfect match for me!

    I am sure she can do the same for you! Thanks Llyane!”

    ~ Laura Licata – Self employed



    “I am a lot more confident – all thanks to you”

    “I thank you for all the good you have done me. It may not seem like it but I am a lot more confident than I was 3 months ago. All thanks to you.”

    ~ Josh Schaffer, pilot
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    I highly recommend this course to whomever is interested in learning French, no matter what your level, because Llyane coaches you from your starting point. She’s the best and I am so glad I made the decision to sign up for her programs!”

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    “She is a master in her field. If you are looking for a great coach you have just found her. Believe me there is no better instructor to learn the French language.”

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    “I have always wanted to learn French as a second language. And with Llyane’s help I have made a huge improvement. Llyane has a wonderful way of explaining the French language.

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    I find Llyane highly engaging and a great teacher.”

    ~ Ian Mccaffrey – Owner at Crosby Plasterers
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    “she remoulds herself to fit each of her students in order to become an individualized rock of support”

    “In short, the J’Ouellette system is much more than an online class. It is an experience that changes your perspective on life, inspires you to reach new goals and potentials, and allows you to relieve yourself of the rigid walls of traditional learning.

    As for Llyane herself, in her you gain a friend and confidante who can simultaneously coax and demand from you only your absolute best. She encourages mistakes, embraces personal quirks, and remoulds herself to fit each of her students in order to become an individualized rock of support.

    She dares you to dream, challenges you to push past any misconceptions you may have about yourself, and, when all is said and done, leaves you feeling a little wiser and a little more French.”

    ~ Leah Downey, student
    United States


    “she does not compromise her product which is your success”

    “Llyane is an effective teacher if you want to learn to speak, think, and write French. She has an excellent correcting ear and reinforces you positively. Her accelerated program is very effective. The program builds comprehension and confidence.

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    I’m super-impressed with the attention to detail.”

    ~ Debbie Cochener – Owner at France Travel Info
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    “working with Llyane is life changing”

    “One of my biggest fears of learning another language was having to speak it to others.

    Llyane came highly recommended from a friend and still she surpassed what I imagined.

    She never let me sit in “I am overwhelmed”, “I want to give up”, or the fluster of “I don’t know”. There is just no room for that when working with her.

    Working with Llyane is life changing.”

    ~ Deborah, Photographer
    United States