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7 tricks to hold a conversation around need-to-know topics
so that your stay in Paris is flawless

(everything you need to know to get by while speaking French to the natives )

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you will discover

1. How to have a flawless pronunciation so that you are mistaken for a native and be easily understood by French speakers all over the world.
2. The most important French expressions you need for your travel arrangements so that you make your friends raise their brows in admiration.
3. How to use the French verbs so that you can create sophisticated conversation and gradually become masterful at speaking with the natives.
4. How to jump into conversation more easily and worry less about struggling for words’ genders when you are speaking with natives.
5. How to get comfortable using the relative tenses the way the French do so that you feel like a natural and start thinking in French too.
6. How to master the Possessive adjectives so that you can make conversation even if you are a beginner and amaze your friends with your confidence.
7. Why you shouldn’t use the expression « Il faut » and what to replace it with, so that you avoid the irregular subjonctif so you can keep up with the conversation and not feel like an outsider.

BONUS: NYC vs Paris

A parallel between the Parisian neighborhoods and the New York neighborhoods – and be honest, you know the latter from the movies – so that you know exactly where to go and what to avoid and create a memorable experience that you’ll talk about for years with your friends and family.

PLUS a little surprise! 🙂




THIS WEBINAR IS ONLY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE AND UNVEILING WHAT MORE YOU NEED TO LEARN. ALL the topics of the webinar are sampled from the J’Ouellette® Intensif program, which is the full program that helps you Master the French Conversation at a solid High Intermediate to Advanced level, and be the person others admire for being able to speak more than one language, and enjoy an unforgettable French immersion in Paris. Your next step to the Parisian French Mastery is to learn how to make conversation even if you are a beginner and amaze your friends with your confidence.




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This is you, if you make a change today:

  • You can stroll the streets of Paris at sunset, or enjoy a café au lait at the corner bistro, listening to the chatter on the patio, without feeling like an outsider.
  • You experience the French « joie de vivre »[the joy of life], sitting at the corner café, having an almond croissant under the gentle afternoon light, watching the cars go by and listening to the passionate accordionist – and exchange life stories with the French at the neighbor table.
  • You connect with the French and make lasting friendships that come naturally to you, because deep down in your soul, you know that you are part French.
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    ~ Joni

    Aaron Conran“If you are someone who wants to maintain and improve your French language skills, especially if you are in danger of losing the skill that you have already gained, you shouldn’t delay for any reason. Llyane is an excellent teacher and available when you need her the most. I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in my French.”

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