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Now I’d like to have a better idea about your background and goals.

I have programs that work greatly for every level, but first, there could be a few reasons why you didn’t become fluent until now, and please allow me to give you a few that I can think of, and please write back to me to tell me which one fits you most:

1. Fear of making mistakes and looking ignorant
2. Not being able to commit, worried that you will start & never finish (mindset)
3. Price
4. French speaking people would laugh and criticize your level of language
5. Busy, no time, “I’ll do it later” (physical time)
6. Length of time of a full program
7. Losing money if you are not committed
8. “Why spending the money when you can learn for free?” factor

Would you be kind to tell me which one of these you are struggling with?

Please write in the form below your answers to the question above; also don’t hesitate to contact me, if you would like to add something or if you have any questions.

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