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French Language and Civilization Course

While, in this advanced French program, you will learn a lot about French language and civilization, it is not designed as an intensive program.

1. an advanced course,
2. a superior course,
3. a complete grammar, written especially for foreigners,
4. a collection of texts with commentaries, forming an complete picture of the French literature and civilization

This is not only a method of language, but from the very first level, a course of French civilization. The opportunity thus created to multiply the comparisons of French life with the customs of other peoples. Thus, this method is firmly placing itself on the national and international level.

The advanced course is divided in four levels, based on the level of language acquired:


advanced french First steps in France (high intermediate / advanced level)

– Level I contains 39 lessons
– It allows you the transition from intermediate to advanced level of language


  • This level gives you all the vocabulary, grammar, reading and conversation needed to be able to reach an advanced level.
  • can be taken only after completing at least 1 module of J’Ouellette® Intensif program, or as agreed with your coach.
  • FULL PROGRAM 60 hours



    J'Ouellette AvancéThe French province (advanced level)

    – Level II contains 70 lessons
    – It helps you reach a solid advanced level of conversation. The readings will walk you through the French provinces. You will make contact with an extensive economic and social vocabulary.


  • This level gives you all the vocabulary, grammar, reading and conversation needed to be able to reach a superior level.
  • can be taken only after completing Level 1 (“First steps in France”) of J’Ouellette® Avancé program, or as agreed with your coach.
  • FULL PROGRAM 95 hours



    advanced frenchFirst contact with Paris (superior level)

    – Level III contains 110 lessons
    – It helps you reach a superior level of conversation. A glimpse of Paris, La Seine, A walk through the neighborhoods, the suburbs; grammar adds a lot of precision and nuance to your knowledge of the first two levels, where you will find a fuller knowledge of the French language.


  • This level gives you all the vocabulary, grammar, reading and conversation needed to be able to complete a superior level of conversation in French.
  • can be taken only after completing Level II (“The French province”) of J’Ouellette® Avancé program, or as agreed with your coach.
  • FULL PROGRAM 165 hours



    J'Ouellette AvancéFrance and its writers (academic level)

    – Level IV contains 202 lessons
    a. France and the French,
    b. The intellectual tradition of France (thought, literature, fine arts)
    – Text analysis – The texts are presented according to a certain formula: The country of France, Paris, The French woman, Prose, Poetry, etc.; each chapter opens with a presentation of the whole, that summarizes both the historical development facts and their aspect in France.


  • This level requires a more extensive amount of reading, that would allow the text analysis at an academic level.
  • can be taken only after completing Level III (“First contact with Paris”) of J’Ouellette® Avancé program, or as agreed with your coach.
  • FULL PROGRAM 250 hours



    The Advanced programs are available only to existing students who accomplished the J’Ouellette® Intensif program, or if you qualify based on our assessment.


    Please contact us to find out if there is a payment plan available.




    “My confidence has grown beyond measure”

    I began my journey with Llyane at the Intermediate level.

    There were so many gaps in my background even with a bachelor’s degree in French, and two summer French immersion programs, so I decided to go back to her Intensive program to fill those gaps.

    However, I really began to see the progress myself as I started the Advanced levels.

    My confidence has grown beyond measure, and Llyane’s approach to learning is the reason.

    Each lesson either reinforces grammar I haven’t used recently or provides me with an “ahh ha!” moment in an area that has consistently been a stumbling block..

    I love this journey through the language that I am taking with her courses!

    I’m thrilled to be able to participate in the fourth level of your advanced classes! I feel like I’ve seen an incredible growth in my level of French since beginning the advanced program. Not only has my confidence level increased,but I believe my fluency has dramatically improved. The gradual steady improvement is unmistakable as I notice my ease of conversation when I travel to France! Thank you!

    ~ Debbie

    The lessons contain:
    – Readings
    – Grammar lessons
    – Exercises to train you in writing a correct French sentence
    – A questionnaire to be used for conversation
    – Grammar tables that show the use of tenses in the spoken and written French
    – Literary texts, meant to fixing and enriching the vocabulary, and carefully grouped according to grammatical progression
    – a lot of CONVERSATION with your language coach






    1. Do I need to know French before I start this program?


    This program is for you if you reached the B2 (high intermediate) level of conversation.

    If you finished J’Ouellette® Intensif, then you automatically qualify for the Level I advanced.


    2. What level of proficiency is the course?

    The advanced program is split in 4 levels, each adding to the previous in such a manner that you will become proficient in speaking French.

  • Level 1 gives you all the vocabulary, grammar, reading and conversation needed to be able to reach an advanced level.
  • Level 2 gives you all the vocabulary, grammar, reading and conversation needed to be able to reach a superior level.
  • Level 3 gives you all the vocabulary, grammar, reading and conversation needed to be able to complete a superior level.
  • Level 4 requires an extensive amount of reading, that would allow the text analysis at an academic level.

    3. How long is the course?

    Each level has a set number of hours dedicated to it, so when you register for the program, you guarantee that you finish that particular level with the number of hours included.


    4. How much it costs?

    The regular investment for the lessons is between $37 and $56 / hr.


    5. Is this program only for people who need French for work or who move to France?


    In my experience, 95% of the people I’ve worked with took this program because they love French and had the lifetime goal of speaking the language. Most people I’ve worked with took this program as a hobby, to challenge themselves and grow, while giving themselves the tools they need to communicate with francophones around the world, travel for pleasure or business, tackling a world they never had access to before. Most people I work with are very successful in their business, and they want to reach the next levels personally and professionally.

    Yes, I can prepare you for exams, job interviews, etc. If this is your situation, please give yourself enough time to assimilate the language so that after your exam/interview you are left with a second spoken language, and you’re not focusing only on passing the exam or getting the job. There is more to an exam/interview than just the expected questions, and you’ll end up being bilingual, which is a much bigger and rewarding goal.


    6. How much time will take me to get through the program?

    Invest more time if you want to reach fluency quicker, less time if you have other priorities in your life. I had clients who dedicated 1 hr/day 7 days/week.

    This program doesn’t involve pre-set homework, so I’ll create homework for you, if you that’s how you learn best, or we can go through it with a pragmatic approach, using the Skype classes for questions and conversation, as well as exercises.


    7. Will I be fluent when this program finishes?

    It depends how you define “fluency”.

    You will become bilingual, at an Advanced level, and you can reach fluency at every level you reach on your way.

    Everyone learns in a different manner, but with the lifetime access to the program, you will be able to continue this adventure on your own, and you shouldn’t need any other classes thereafter.

    What you would need, however, in order to become fluent, would be a full immersion in the French culture and language, and it takes a while to get there – but I can help with that too, because I have a yearly Immersion Retreat in Paris that will give you the boost and courage to continue on your own.


    8. How is your course different from other methods of learning?

    You’re not only going to work with a French teacher, but with a French language coach (details below), someone who’s been using a second language for a living (English) for over 20 years, and learning 3 more languages (Italian, Spanish and German), so I know exactly what you are going through, and tested my learning techniques on myself first, before sharing them with you.

    With me, You will use the J’Ouellette® Method based on Ear Gymnastics , Sense Memory , Committed Impulse and Deep Practice – so you will become a Natural at this romance language.

    Committed Impulse, Sense Memory, and Deep Practice have different names, but they are pretty much the same thing: FAST, INTUITIVE and ORGANIC learning of behavior (languages, dialects, and skills) that you will NOT forget.

    You will learn how to “deep practice”, the same way the highly skilled professionals and performers do, which is simply a guided slowing down. Find out how to use this lil’ secret and you can learn to speak French at any age and despite the busiest schedule.

    J’Ouellette® Method is an unique approach to language learning – a method that has neuroscientific research behind it – using physical and mental exercises, which will transform your learning technique.

    Your only job will be to learn to speak Parisian French – my job is to learn YOU – the way you think, your learning habits – and help you use what works and drop what keeps you behind.

    I teach you how NOT to need me. But if you do, you have lifetime access to the learning materials and to me, for questions and guidance.


    9. Can I access everything all at once?


    I recommend going through the course in order because each lesson builds on the others. When you have all the material available it’s easy to get curious, and I’m here to take care of you and give you just the amount that is feasible and comfortable.

    Therefore, after finishing a module, I’m sending you the next, giving you instructions about what to focus on, how to change your approach and how to best get all the benefits from it.


    10. How much would I be able to speak after doing this program with you?

    You will have a great sophistication for conversation, will be able to easily manage advanced conversation on the most exciting topics from the French culture.


    11. Why should I do this now?

    Happiness is in the journey, not in the destination. It’s what happens when we pursue any meaningful goal and make significant progress toward your goal to be bilingual. Everything is at stake by not pursuing the transformation you want right now. You have the chance to hit the refresh button. That’s why getting this course now is so important.


    12. What if I feel like I don’t have time for this?

    Can I be frank? You have to figure out what’s important.

    Unfortunately too many of us sacrifice the “important” on the altar of the “urgent” and we never get to those things that really matter. If you want to make the kind of progress you’re after, you have to reverse that. Also, there is no ‘behind’ in the course – you can book the classes with a 24-hour notice and practice at your own pace – plus, you will be a lifetime member of the community, so you can catch up when you become again available.

    As a J’Ouellette® Member, you can also have lifetime access to your Skype classes, so you can take them whenever you come back from the break required by your job or life.



    Drop me a line and I’ll answer them all!



    This Special pricing ended December 21st, 2017!