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Bienvenue à New York en français !

french immersion new york

Do you feel that being surrounded by people speaking only French is too much pressure, and you are not yet ready to spend 7 days on a French immersion in Paris yet?

The greatest benefit of this mini-immersion is that you will take French outside of the books and into your life, while doing the “dress rehearsal” for your full on immersion in Paris. It will show you what you really should keep learning, and usually, my clients leave the immersion retreats feeling that they know much more French than they thought they did.

In NYC, we will speak only French and go to places that are French, for a full weekend – there is a huge French culture in the city.

Let’s have some 1-on-1 conversation and take advantage of the immense francophone presence in the Big Apple!

So, here is the amazing experience that I created: you will not share the time with a group, and you will advance your French faster than you thought possible.



NEW YORK in French – weekend

– Conversation Intensive 1-on-1

Fri: 7-10pm, Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun: 10am-7pm



* Activities, transportation, breakfast & luxury dîner

Not included:

* Hotel
* airfare and (partially) meals



NEW YORK in French – 1 Day

– Conversation Intensive 1-on-1

Mon: 3-9pm, Tue: 3-9pm, Wed: 3-9pm, Thu: 3-9pm



* Activities, transportation and afternoon café et crêpe

Not included:

* airfare and (partially) meals

Hotel (recommendations: Hotel Elysée, Hotel Boutique at Grand Central, The French Quarters Guest Apartments)

Private 1-on-1 VIP Immersion Retreat available for existing students only (itinerary and activities are designed based on each student’s preferences).

See you at MacarOn Café,



Sample 2 immersions and compare:

November 14-16, 2014 Conversation Intensive 1-on-1

Read this immersion’s brochure

french immersion new york cathy We met in a cold day of November, on the 20th Street. The Internet can be viewed as an artificial, inauthentic way to meet likeminded people, or you can give it a chance to show you how it can change your life. In this case (like many others before) it brought me closer in space to a client whose story and desires are bigger than life itself, and I feel very fortunate to be instrumental in supporting her dreams to once live in Paris.

We warmed up (en français) in Ladurée restaurant in SoHo (South of Houston, a National Historic Landmark), where we had Salade Ladurée, Salade aux Saint-Jacques, and (way too many) macarons. Come back to see how the story unfolds, and make sure you leave a comment on the blog.



October 24-26, 2014 – Conversation Intensive 1-on-1

Read this immersion’s brochure

immersion new york catherine “I went on my first immersion with Llyane to NYC. I was a little nervous because I am a beginner in French and didn’t know how I was going to manage speaking in French for a weekend!

I was asked to choose what I would like to do and from there Llyane ensured that French would be included, whether during the event itself, or with French conversation during and afterwards.

Listening to a French audio guide was challenging, but Llyane was very helpful in breaking down the audio commentary into segments and explaining what was being said in French.

We spent much time walking around NYC on the streets as well as in nature, and we would talk in French about things we saw or passed by, which made the conversation flow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the French restaurants and cafés Llyane picked out as well, where we could relax and begin and end our day of adventure with French conversation. Llyane was very patient and kind and understanding, and understood when my brain needed to rest !

I would recommend the immersion programs to anyone who wants to experience having an adventure in French in a unique setting with a very personable and engaging coach: Llyane!”

~ Catherine


To learn more, and find out if you are a good fit for this program, contact me here!

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