(Parisian French Conversation starter)

Do you want to make conversation even if you are a beginner and amaze your friends with your confidence?

Do you want to ditch conversation anxiety and feel confident finding your words with native French speakers so that they answer you back in French, and not pitying you by answering you in your native language instead of theirs?

Then this little program will support you for your first conversations in your next trip to Paris.


jumpstart kit

1. TOP most commonly used verbs conjugated at 6 tenses that you need to know to struggle less for words when you are speaking with the natives – downloadable MP4 and PDF.

2. The must-know French expressions that will help you manage all your day to day activities like a natural in your next trip to Paris – downloadable MP4 and PDF.



Download the video-lessons and 2 PDF cheat sheets Now!




THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE AND UNVEILING WHAT MORE YOU NEED TO LEARN. ALL the topics are sampled from the J’Ouellette® Intensif program, which is the full program that helps you Master the French Conversation at a solid High Intermediate to Advanced level, and be the person others admire for being able to speak more than one language, and enjoy an unforgettable French immersion in Paris. Your next step to the Parisian French Mastery is to learn how to make conversation even if you are a beginner and amaze your friends with your confidence.



This is you, if you make a change today:

  • You can stroll the streets of Paris at sunset, or enjoy a café au lait at the corner bistro, listening to the chatter on the patio, without feeling like an outsider.
  • You experience the French « joie de vivre »[the joy of life], sitting at the corner café, having an almond croissant under the gentle afternoon light, watching the cars go by and listening to the passionate accordionist – and exchange life stories with the French at the neighbor table.
  • You connect with the French and make lasting friendships that come naturally to you, because deep down in your soul, you know that you are part French.



    Dasha2sm“Over the years, some of my most memorable French-related accomplishments include fluently conversing with native French speakers in Paris, consistently receiving extremely high marks in my French classes at school, and achieving a perfect score (800) on the SAT French Subject Test. I would not have been able to achieve any of these results without Llyane.”

    ~ Dasha

    jerry mangona“Llyane has been great to work with, and you will get as much progress out of it as you’re willing to put in. Effort doesn’t guarantee results in every part of life, but I’d say that working with Llyane has been a sure thing.”

    ~ Jerry


    Brinda Gupta testimonial“Llyane is a Perfect coach that I could ever ask for. Her lessons are so well designed like I always tell her they are “tongue twisting” because your tongue literally gymnasts and the words come out with perfect pronunciation!”

    ~ Brinda


    josh“I thank you for all the good you have done me. It may not seem like it but I am a lot more confident than I was 3 months ago. All thanks to you.”

    ~ Josh


    trishmacd“In 5 short weeks I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my spoken French abilities – in terms of vocabulary development, accent and grammar, and have started getting lots of compliments from native French speakers on my French!”

    ~ Trish

    ian“My French has improved so much so, that we now conduct the lessons in French, something I would not have believed three months ago.”

    ~ Ian


    debbienovisky“If you are considering learning French, Llyane is an expert in French pronunciation and guiding people through the best way to learn French. Since Llyane has learned other languages herself, she understands what it is like to be the student.”

    ~ Debbie