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“Language is a performing art that requires practice, nuance, and personality to convey an idea. Those who master communication master their world.” ~ Michael Schutzler, Forbes
Are you tired of trying every method and App, hoping to finally become a French language speaker, only to feel that every time you're starting all over again?

Here Is Why This Site Could Be Your Last Stop

Because you're not only going to work with a French teacher, but with a French language coach (details below), someone who's been using a second language for a living (English) for over 20 years, and learning 3 more languages (Italian, Spanish and German), so I know exactly what you are going through, and tested my learning techniques on myself first, before sharing them with you.

With me, You will use the J'Ouellette® Method based on Ear Gymnastics , Sense Memory , Committed Impulse and Deep Practice - so you will become a Natural at this romance language.

Committed Impulse, Sense Memory, and Deep Practice have different names, but they are pretty much the same thing: FAST, INTUITIVE and ORGANIC learning of behavior (languages, dialects, and skills) that you will NOT forget.

What you WILL get:

What you will NOT get:  
1. 100% customized lessons with your coach, who will analyze your way to learn and work with you to develop exceptional learning skills;

1. Out of the box expressions to memorize without understanding their structure;  
2. Outstanding results: a strong level of conversation and a solid in-depth understanding of the language that you will be able to apply to new situations outside of your class;

2. Other students to share your Skype time with your coach;
3. Complete flexibility of the schedule and pace, to fit your lifestyle and goals. 3. Automatic templates and games that only help you recognize the language, but don't help you produce it, software to install, subscriptions to re-subscribe to.

You will learn how to "deep practice", the same way the highly skilled professionals and performers do, which is simply a guided slowing down. Find out how to use this lil' secret and you can learn to speak French at any age and despite the busiest schedule.

One of the things that makes my programs different is that from my past of being an actor I actually have certain techniques that apply to helping you learn French faster.

Learning a language is very different from learning business for instance, because it involves the left brain as well as the right brain, in other words you are not only memorizing information, but you are also learning a new behavior.

Here is how my techniques will help you:

1. Actors are known for learning languages and accents very fast - how did Meryl Streep learn her Polish and German for Sophie's choice? Well, there are techniques that actors use, which I'll share with you, as we work together.

2. I'll teach you how to make your conversation smooth and natural, even if your "back stage" is a little messy. I'll show you how to use pauses and intonation and how to pace yourself in order to give your brain the bandwidth during conversation in French that it needs in order to remember vocabulary, verbs and phrase construction.

3. Actors are entertaining, so it's a sure sign that my course won't be boring: we'll tell stories with aliens and monsters - if nothing else interesting comes to mind, anything that keeps you motivated, that makes this process fun for you. Songs, readings from great books, and learning to laugh at ourselves when we fall flat on our face :)

4. I'm using techniques used by performers which will help you learn faster and memorize for a longer time:

a. Sense Memory,
rarely mentioned in pop culture, it's the memory we practice that comes BEFORE muscle memory; when we learn to speak a foreign language, the muscles of our mouth need a certain type of practice in order to get the memory of the position that produces the FRENCH sound instead of the ENGLISH sound; that's how your French will sound French, and you won't sound like an English person using French words.

b. Committed Impulse
is a major technique that says, in a nutshell, that you should stop thinking so much if you want to speak more. :) It is the technique that takes you outside of the conversation anxiety. Did you ever find yourself frozen, because you forgot a word? Committed Impulse helps you get out of that paralysis, and explain the word that you forgot with simpler words that you do know. Thinking too much will keep you silent, while Committed Impulse keeps you speaking, maybe even become the heart of the conversation one day. ;)

c. Deep Practice
is a technique used by highly skilled performers (artists and sportsmen - explained in detail by Daniel Coyle in his book "The talent code"). It has to do with the pace of learning, the pace of the practice itself. How can actors, musicians and even sportsmen memorize movements and words (behaviors) in such a short period of time that they have between performances? It is the speed of the practice that counts, which increases the memorization speed 10 times, and that you'll learn and master during my program.

d. Ear Gymnastics.
Did you know that our ears grow hearing receptacles for the new French sounds the same way the body grows fat cells after Thanksgiving and Christmas? Geeky, right? It is known that someone who never listened to symphonic music, they won't hear all the sounds when they listen to it for the first time. In fact, ear gymnastics is a way to practice that helps the ear to hear the new sounds faster, so that you can hear what the others are saying to you as well as to hear your own mistakes and become self sufficient (not depending on a coach or tutor) quicker.

J'Ouellette® Method is an unique approach to language learning - a method that has neuroscientific research behind it - using physical and mental exercises, which will transform your learning technique.

What is LANGUAGE COACHING and why is it superior to teaching?

I am a language coach - which gives you the advantage of learning quicker and better than with a tutor or teacher. Here's why:

Language COACHING   Language TEACHING

1. Active learning
  • motivation takes priority
  • empathy is important

  • 1. Passive  
    2. As your language coach, I have the ability to keep you engaged, motivated, valued and committed

    2. It could sometimes be described as mainly a one-way process (teacher talks, the student listens)
    3. You take responsibility and ownership
  • flexible and self-directed

  • 3. Book related - following chapters and the order of language learning books
    4. As your language coach, I use books for the general structure, but the course is customized for you and only you

    4. Often limited to the materials/books used
    5. There is an equal status coach (me) and learner (you)
  • there is an awareness of limitations
  • matches your needs
  • 5. The teacher takes the role of the expert denoting a superior status
  • the relationship between the teacher and the learner is often not so close, nor is it a realistic or personalized experience
  • often encompasses a more formal approach

  • 6. "Teaching is kept to a minimum"
  • continuous feedback and acknowledgement
  • stimulates reflexion
  • 6. Instructive and mandatory
  • directional
  • demonstrative
  • Your only job will be to learn to speak Parisian French - my job is to learn YOU - the way you think, your learning habits - and help you use what works and drop what keeps you behind.

    I teach you how NOT to need me. But if you do, you have lifetime access to the learning materials and to me, for questions and guidance.

    If my method sounds intriguing to you, here's a story that illustrates the results.

    Troy Teague (left), a jet-setting CEO, believed that learning a second language is not his strength compared to his abilities in mathematics, engineering, athletics, etc. because it was something he had never endeavored before, and instead he registered for J'Ouellette® Intensif.

    Not only was he empowered to quickly become self sufficient and learned how to correct his own mistakes in French, but he became so confident, that soon after he came with me in the private Immersion Retreat in Paris for 7 days.

    He then realized that he knew the language better than he thought he did, and knowing the language even a little bit made the trip to Paris, which he had many in the past, much richer. He was so excited by his first immersion with me, that, after we had a few months of advanced conversation 1:1, he came in a second immersion retreat in Paris, when he no longer needed my help to converse with René-Gustave (right), our Parisian tour-guide.

    From zero to advanced, it took him only 12 months.

    "It's a very good experience not only interacting with the citizens in Paris, ordering food, talking to the great people of Paris in the street but going to Louvre and the cooking class we did it’s just a richer experience. There’s no way to describe it. I know for sure that I would not have had this experience without Llyane. I could not be more satisfied with her and with the outstanding program that she offers."

    See how well this works for my other clients too.

    Get portable!

    "I had tried to sign up with a French language school in my city but just couldn’t make my schedule work with theirs." - says Kim, who was looking for more flexibility for her busy schedule. Don also couldn't find any type of French education in his area, but he didn't give up. "Someone must have thought to use Skype", he said to me, "and then I found you!".

    On the desktop, laptop, iPad, phone (you name it)… I come with you wherever you are, to help you inspire and impress your family, friends and clients.

    Having access anywhere in the world to your program and to your French coach opens limitless opportunities. Here are the countries where my students are calling me from during their business trips and even on vacation: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

    Ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime?

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