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Are you frustrated with the current state of your French conversation and nothing worked well thus far?

Do you want to go to Paris and speak with people, feel like on of them, and finally home in the city of your dreams?

Your time could be now!

Why should you check out the J’Ouellette® programs?

Because Llyane is a Parisian French language coach, is a French language coach for successful professionals and business people who wrestle with learning French on their own, and she helps them to instead speak Parisian French confidently in their travels and in business, and impress their friends, family, and clients by willing to broaden their horizons in ways that most people will never attempt. She has produced an unprecedented Intensive Program and The Parisian French Pronunciation Master Course, as well as other visual and teaching materials. She now spends a large portion of her time in Paris, where she also organizes an annual Immersion Retreat 1:1. Her unique methods produce a quantum leap in conversational confidence, and a short session with her is the perfect start to brush up your French (whatever your level!) in preparation for your next trip to Paris.

Because Llyane’s blog was ranked #19th language learning blog and #1 for French, and she has over 27,000 fans on her Facebook page and over 600 very active francophiles in the Conversation Facebook group.




Learn the Secrets of Flawless & Chic Parisian Pronunciation so that they mistake you for a native

It took me 2 years – 730 days I practiced using a CD in my car, to be able to hear my own mistakes in my English pronunciation and correct them on my own. It will take you between 2 days and 4 weeks to do the same in French.

The ONE and ONLY program that you can’t find anywhere else – will take care of your pronunciation in 4 easy lessons.

  • All rules of pronunciation in one place, illustrated with over 200 words in video, audio and text format.
  • 4 short lessons (in MP3, MP4, and PDF format)

    You will never make a pronunciation or spelling mistake again.

  • “Even with two semesters of University level French linguistics courses, I still struggled with pronunciation of new words and continued to inflict my American accent on French pronunciation.

    Knowing the “rules” hadn’t brought my French to the level it needed to be as I was still getting puzzled looks from native French speakers.

    After Llyane’s program I have become more aware of my pronunciation errors as I hear myself speak and can self-correct. I’m super impressed with the attention to detail.

    For the first time, I now see and hear the patterns, organization and structure behind the pronunciation of French words.”

    ~ Debbie Cochener, US

    “Llyane has been my super French Guru…… meticulous in her approach towards the language in general and to French pronunciation in particular !!!

    Having subjected me to introspection, she opened my eyes to the pronunciation flaws while placing me on track towards correct French pronunciation. I realized how pronunciation can be so critical to speaking French simply because a word even though, spelt the same, could have a different meaning or a similar sounding word with a slightly different pronunciation could have a different meaning.

    Imaginez « le livre » et « la livre » ou « le désert » et « le dessert » !!! Her technique to French pronunciation has been extremely interesting and a tremendous learning experience !”

    ~ Kannan Krishnan, Canada



    Reach an advanced level of conversation with the full J’Ouellette® Intensif audio book


    ALL J’Ouellette® Intensif modules for 80% OFF!

    Downloadable digital training program – contains the complete audio-lesson series (in both MP3 & PDF format), covering the entire J’Ouellette® Intensif program, from beginner to high intermediate/advanced level (B2/C1).

    Each lesson contains: reading & vocabulary, grammar, exercises & exercises solution, dictée & dictée solution WITH my voice recorded on all lessons to guide your pronunciation all the way through.

    THIS is the pocket-sized J’Ouellette® Intensif – the program that led so many of my clients to bilingualism.

  • Step-by-step guide to show you how to build your unique learning method, speak with flawless grammar, impeccable pronunciation.
  • Portability and the comfort of practicing in the car, at the Gym, during your jogging routine.
  • Turn your current job opportunities as well as business potential around.
  • The pocket version of the signature program J’Ouellette® Intensif.

    versailles “I have found the lessons to be very helpful in the areas of increasing vocabulary and grammatical competence, tuning my ear to better understand spoken french, strengthening my reading comprehension, and improving my pronunciation.

    Llyane speaks very clearly and very well. Emulating her pronunciation is an excellent exercise.

    Like any endeavor, you must put time and effort into your language studies. With J’Ouellette Audiobook, I have never felt that I was wasting either one.”

    ~ Troy Teague, US

    mike zhu “The audio book starts from the basic and builds up vocabulary very fast. It focuses on sentence structure and teaches you how to make up your own based on your vocabulary. What is amazing about this book is that you can use it to improve your listening skill if you finish all the exercises after each lesson. The author uses an excellent methodology to structure the book so that you can easily memorize every word and sentence you learn and apply them to your daily conversation. What is also good is that you can do one lesson each day and improve your French quickly in three months.

    If you can take note of sentence structures and new words your learn in this book and apply them to your French conversation, you are going to achieve fluency. You have to work hard to get the most out of it. And never never give it up!

    At last, thank you Llyane for creating this excellent resource.”

    ~ Mike Zhu, Canada




    You will know the pronunciation of the verb conjugation for each person using quick 5-minute video lessons for the most important verbs (a unique resource!)


    Downloadable digital training program containing the top 101 most commonly used French verbs, in video format (101 5-minute videos, to give you all the verbs you need).

  • Gives you fluency in your conversation: you will no longer stop to think about your verbs.
  • Become the French verb conjugation Genius, the go-to Guru on the block!

    The verbs are conjugated at 6 most important tenses: présent, passé composé, futur simple, imparfait, plus-que-parfait, conditionnel.

    The French verb genie at your fingertips, the most unique collection for your convenience.




    troy teague“I could not be more satisfied with Llyane and with the outstanding program that she offers.

    The lessons are consistently challenging but not overwhelming. They are brilliantly interwoven so that the student is introduced to new concepts by leveraging and reinforcing material from previous weeks.

    Llyane is an exceptional teacher. She is very patient, and, without a doubt, she knows how to teach the language. She has the ability to take me out of my comfort zone so that we can concentrate on my weaknesses. At the same time, she doesn’t allow me to be critical of myself.

    With Llyane, I have learned that my mistakes are not to be loathed but are instead to be embraced as opportunities to learn and to grow. It has been my experience in life that people with such understanding, insight, and guidance are rare.

    I give Llyane my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to learn French or to improve upon what they already know. I have not regretted for one second my decision to work with Llyane and to take her course.

    I only wish that I would have found her sooner!”

    ~ Troy Teague – CTO and Board Director, United States


    Don’t Let Your Rusty (or Non-Existent) French Stop You From Enjoying Your Next Trip To Paris!


    This is YOU, after 8 weeks in the self-study Club:

  • You can stroll the streets of Paris at sunset, or enjoy a café au lait at the corner bistro, without feeling like an outsider.
  • You experience the French « joie de vivre » [the joy of life], sitting at the corner café, having an almond croissant under the gentle afternoon light, watching the cars go by and listening to the passionate accordionist – and learn how they manage to have it every single day.
  • You connect with the French and make lasting friendships that come naturally to you, because deep down in your soul, you know that you are part French.

    Downloadable online group training program containing CHEAT sheets & CONVERSATION life savers, Pronunciation Master Class, and much more!





    laura licata“I am very grateful to have come across Llyane.

    I knew almost no French when I began with her nearly 6 months ago. I am now moving to France in one week, and although I am not yet completely fluent, I am confident in my abilities to communicate effectively.

    Llyane paid very close attention to my specific needs and gradually geared her style of teaching towards them, becoming a perfect match for me! I was constantly being challenged and being kept on the edge of my abilities, never bored and never overwhelmed. The people in my life cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short period of time! I love learning French now and cannot wait to utilize what I have learned!

    I am sure she can do the same for you! Thanks Llyane!”

    ~ Laura Licata – Business owner, France



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