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allusionSo have you ever wanted to say something, but you couldn’t find the right words?

It’s even more difficult when trying to communicate in French… Or speak your heart!

No wonder most of human communication is non-verbal, no matter what language you speak!

Check out the article for an interesting insight on this, and watch the video for some lovely French things to hear!

(This week: the verb ENTENDRE – to hear)


Not everyone is good with hints.

In fact, there’s a big chunk of the population that is notoriously bad at picking up on signs someone is giving them. Socially, we don’t give hints and signs a lot of importance. there’s no instructional manual about this. Nobody teaches this stuff in school.

These kind of subtleties aren’t championed very much in America. They’re more the realm of the rest of the world, Europe especially.

If you were to be strolling through Paris, for example, there’d be a whole other world of communication under the one you can hear. The subtle chatter of hints, from romantically charged ones to small enforcers of etiquette, would be all around you, buzzing along just underneath the voices and laughter.

There’s a whole world of complexity when it comes to being human. Words, as important and integral as they are to our process of communicating to each other, fall short. Far too often there are things that transcend words, concepts, ideas, je-ne-sais-quoi’s.

This is where the unspoken word, the subtle hint, the gentle, slight gesture with the hand, the glance come into play. Depending on the culture in question, each has its own code as to what they mean. When traveling the world, or perhaps moving away from the American world, these subtleties will become your world, and it’s beyond important to learn them.

More important, I’d say, than even learning how to ask for the cheque in French, is to learn to pay attention and adopt the silent world of hints. They may just help you communicate and understand those around you better and deeper than any dialect. It might even facilitate learning that language but what it’ll do more than anything else is facilitate connection with people. It’ll rekindle a connection with yourself, with your humanity.

It’s one thing really worth getting back.

Daniel @ zenpolitics


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Now it is your turn!

Tell us in the comments below, what are the ways you silently communicate when you go to Paris?


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Can you take a hint?

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