Congratulations! You are about to become Bilingual!

Dreaming to connect with the French and to realize that you understand the conversations around you, and to feel amazed at yourself and what you’ve accomplished — because deep down in your soul, you know that you are part French?

Do you want to stroll the streets of Paris at sunset, or enjoy a café au lait at the corner bistro, while confidently communicating in French with those you come into contact with?

I know how you feel, because I had the same desire when I learned my second language. I did feel an outsider when I moved to America, my sophistication was lost for a while, until I had my own coach and focused on mastering my English.

I am now learning Spanish, Italian and German (all at the same time), so I relate very much to your desires and, in the same time, I know what you are going through, being myself a language learner.

For this very reason I created this program, which gives you everything you need to become masterful at speaking French, to impress the people that you love.

title - this is for you if

bullet blue you are ready to be the person others admire for being able to speak more than one language

bullet blue you have a trip to France looming and are afraid you may say the wrong thing, or not be understood

bullet blue learning a second language is something you have never endeavored before, and you think that it is not your strength compared to your abilities in mathematics, engineering, athletics, etc.

I am a Parisian French language coach, and founder of the J’Ouellette® French Method — an organic method using techniques that are employed by the world’s finest linguists. Committed Impulse, Sense Memory, Ear Gymnastics, and Deep Practice have different names, but they are pretty much the same: FAST, INTUITIVE and ORGANIC learning techniques of behavior (languages, dialects, and skills) that you will NOT forget.

I travel between Toronto, New York and Paris, while teaching French via Skype in more than 15 countries. I now spend a large portion of my time in Paris, where I also organize a 1-on-1 Immersion Retreat.

J’Ouellette® Intensif is a live online training where I designed every module to guide you, step-by-step, how to speak with flawless grammar and impeccable pronunciation, and turn your current job opportunities as well as income potential around with confidence.

We will make conversation in an immersive environment that adjusts to your level and pace.


title - speak French confidently

J’Ouellette® Intensif: the state-of-the-art Parisian French program

(Watch the video for a sample!)



covering this 19-module program. It means concretely that I will guide you through every single module, via Skype or phone.

This program will give you the skills needed to be able to reach a high intermediate to advanced level of conversation, as well as be able to learn on your own, with potentially no further investments in classes. We will go together through the following steps:

1. Develop the perfect accent using The Pronunciation Master Course, so that you never make a pronunciation or spelling error in French again.
2. Master reading, writing, and the French vocabulary, so that you can easily order your meal in your favorite French restaurant without hesitation.
3. Building a solid foundation of the grammar, verb conjugation and their usage in conversation, so that you can have an extended conversation with your French friends or clients no matter the topic.
4. Perfecting your listening skills through Ear Gymnastics, and putting it all together, to be able to enjoy French movies, understand that songs and hear easily what the French are saying.
5. Immersive practice of the phrase construction in conversation, so that you don’t speak English with French words, and easily navigate through idioms.
6. Virtual Immersion in the French culture, to be able to easily pick a topic in conversation in French, be able to enjoy the museums, books and movies and understand the cultural references.

We will speak in French for as long as it proves productive – some people can take 100% French conversation, others need a gradual immersion.

(Watch the video for a sample!)


19 VIDEO MODULES (98% French)

– you will get lifetime access to these lessons, each module containing 5 x 15-minute videos. They are designed for learning and practice.

They cover:

1. Lesson text reading with correct pronunciation
2. Verbs (which you’ll master in conversation)
3. Comprehension (idioms)
4. Exercises and exercises solution
5. Dictée and dictée solution
6. Ear gymnastics



1. “Talk like a Parisian” Pronunciation Master Class: Learn the Secrets of Flawless & Chic Parisian Pronunciation so that they mistake you for a native. This program is unique in the World, and it gives you all you need to help you never make a pronunciation or spelling mistake again (includes 2 additional Skype classes).

2. Lifetime access to the program, and all the future improvements and additions inside of the membership area: become a part of the J’Ouellette community for life, stop searching for resources or for a place to ask questions – you’ll get your answers from your coach, who knows your specific challenges.

3. Unlimited 1:1 support that can be via eMail during the program, and through the exclusive VIP Facebook Group J’Ouellette École Bavarde dedicated to Alumni and those who are still learning French with the J’Ouellette method, just like you – stop searching for partners for conversation or for guidance – you’ll never be on your own again!


WINTER CONTEST BONUS – A value of $399.00 – EXPIRES December 21st, 2017

Reach an advanced level of conversation with the full J’Ouellette® Intensif Audiobook


Downloadable digital training program – contains the complete audio-lesson series (in both MP3 & PDF format), covering the entire J’Ouellette® Intensif program, from beginner to high intermediate/advanced level (B2/C1).

Each lesson contains: reading & vocabulary, grammar, exercises & exercises solution, dictée & dictée solution WITH my voice recorded on all lessons to guide your pronunciation all the way through.

THIS is the pocket-sized J’Ouellette® Intensif – the program that led so many of my clients to bilingualism.

  • Step-by-step guide to show you how to build your unique learning method, speak with flawless grammar, impeccable pronunciation.
  • Portability and the comfort of practicing in the car, at the Gym, during your jogging routine.
  • Turn your current job opportunities as well as business potential around.

    The pocket version of the signature program J’Ouellette® Intensif.

  • versailles “I have found the lessons to be very helpful in the areas of increasing vocabulary and grammatical competence, tuning my ear to better understand spoken french, strengthening my reading comprehension, and improving my pronunciation.

    Llyane speaks very clearly and very well. Emulating her pronunciation is an excellent exercise.

    Like any endeavor, you must put time and effort into your language studies. With J’Ouellette Audiobook, I have never felt that I was wasting either one.”

    ~ Troy Teague, US

    mikezhu “The audio book starts from the basic and builds up vocabulary very fast. It focuses on sentence structure and teaches you how to make up your own based on your vocabulary. What is amazing about this book is that you can use it to improve your listening skill if you finish all the exercises after each lesson. The author uses an excellent methodology to structure the book so that you can easily memorize every word and sentence you learn and apply them to your daily conversation. What is also good is that you can do one lesson each day and improve your French quickly in three months.

    If you can take note of sentence structures and new words your learn in this book and apply them to your French conversation, you are going to achieve fluency. You have to work hard to get the most out of it. And never never give it up!

    At last, thank you Llyane for creating this excellent resource.”

    ~ Mike Zhu, Canada

    learn parisian french

    Please note:

    I want you to be completely without risk, so here is my guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means your full confidence and peace of mind.

    * Spots are limited and price may increase. I invite you to register now – and schedule the sessions at your own convenience.





    $1,000 deposit


    4 monthly payments of


    * By clicking “Buy Now” you agree to our Terms and Conditions



    title - a few testimonials

    A short selection of the students who enrolled in the program, who are sharing what happened for them:

    “I could not be more satisfied with Llyane and with the outstanding program that she offers.

    With Llyane, I have learned that my mistakes are not to be loathed but are instead to be embraced as opportunities to learn and to grow. It has been my experience in life that people with such understanding, insight, and guidance are rare.

    I give Llyane my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to learn French or to improve upon what they already know. I have not regretted for one second my decision to work with Llyane and to take her course.

    I only wish that I would have found her sooner!”

    ~ Troy Teague, CTO and Board Director, at Cavaloz Energy
    United States

    “After five weeks of taking Llyane’s Intensive Course I took myself by surprise speaking French, automatically and without thinking!

    I started with Llyane by signing up for the Intensive course. I had only elementary school french education, and wanted to finally slay the dragon so to speak and learn to speak fluently! I have always wanted to speak French well and to be comfortable speaking to others, and while I have attempted to it was always with hesitation. My brain would go into lock down, which I think is pretty normal.

    I am amazed that after five weeks I had an unplanned, spontaneous conversation with a stranger, in French!

    All this to say that Llyane is a very patient, kind coach and numerous times I have felt badly about my pronunciation and incorrect spelling and grammar. She has always responded with kindness and patience. I highly recommend her courses!”

    ~ Catherine Parker, Designer

    “My French skills have dramatically improved in the last months while working with Llyane. By working on a one on one basis with Llyane, she has been able to point out misconceptions about pronunciation and grammar that I have had since beginning to learn the language. For example how to pronounce “huit”, a word that I learned very early, but have been saying incorrectly and no one else ever corrected me!

    What I like best is that Llyane is ways available to ask questions. Having a flexible schedule and the convenience of online classes. I can still get a weekly class in regardless of where I am.

    Being able to speak my native language when necessary has helped immensely to understand grammar constructs that I did not understand previously. It has also helped me in pronunciation like in the word “coudre” where “cou” rhymes with the English word “who”.

    Having weekly lessons with Llyane has helped to keep me on track to learn French. Even when I have an extremely busy week and don’t have much time to practice I always have our hour together each week.

    If you consider learning french with Llyane and are hesitant, I’d say to you: Do it! Llyane is an excellent coach, and having an online course can fit into your schedule!”

    ~ Aaron Conran – Software Architect
    United States

    “I took French for a year but still struggled to understand or string together complete sentences. I was frustrated that nothing I learned really stuck and didn’t find my classes very motivating.

    Llyane puts a lot of emphasis on pronunciation, and I realize now how much it matters! It means the difference between past and present, singular and plural. I also like that Llyane gives etymological context to why some words are spelled a certain way. It really helps me remember how to spell them, and it’s just fascinating! Llyane also has great energy, so I always feel motivated to learn French. She doesn’t let me get away with mistakes, which is great, because it keeps me from turning into a lazy learner.

    After just a couple of months, I’m able to correct my own pronunciation while speaking. My comprehension of spoken French has also improved because I now notice the little nuances in pronunciation. During a recent trip to Paris, I was able to say some things in French without getting puzzled looks from the Parisians. I also realized how much my comprehension of French has improved. I notice subtleties in pronunciation and I’m able to communicate better in French. I also really enjoy reading French magazines out loud and recognizing my own pronunciation mistakes.”

    ~ Joni Savage, Software Architect
    United States

    “I took advantage of the J’Ouellette program with an eye on generally expanding my work horizons. What I got was a whole new way of looking at the world. I’m well on my way to becoming fluent in French but, in addition, I’ve learned not to underestimate myself.

    Llyane has a way of unlocking one’s potential that transcends simply learning another language . Her vast array of experience in a variety of industries translates (excuse the pun) into an exercise in re-examining one’s goals and ambitions. Her generosity of spirit allows one to tackle things which may have seemed intimidating in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

    I would advise anyone to take advantage of what this lovely lady has to teach. I haven’t regretted taking the plunge for a second, and I’m fully confident that anyone else who invests in themselves in this way will agree. Llyane has my 100% endorsement. Elle est un entraîneur incroyable… en français aussi bien que dans des compétences de vie.”

    ~ Will Scott – Public speaker
    South Africa

    “One of my biggest fears of learning another language was having to speak it to others.

    Llyane came highly recommended from a friend and still she surpassed what I imagined. She made me really understand how my saying words or phrases quickly really doesn’t fool anyone. Nothing is masked by that technique. And actually just produces gibberish. All that, while-kindly-helping me build confidence.

    And I had fun. She never let me sit in “I am overwhelmed”, “I want to give up”, or the fluster of “I don’t know”. There is just no room for that when working with her.

    And lastly, in addition to the thrill of discovering room in my subconscious and ear for a new language, I learned so much about me. Working with Llyane is life changing.”

    ~ Deborah, Photographer
    United States

    “I thank you for all the good you have done me. It may not seem like it but I am a lot more confident than I was 3 months ago. All thanks to you.”

    ~ Josh Schaffer, pilot
    United States


    “I was finding the slow progress of previous large group lessons frustrating, and kept “hitting a wall” with my grammar. This set-up is exactly what I had been looking for, but couldn’t find! An efficient way of learning in my own time, but also incorporating intensive one-to-one sessions with Llyane — fantastic!

    Llyane has created a method that is both enjoyable and addictive! In the short time that I have known her she has already been so kind, generous and flexible, working around my schedule and needs, even when we are on different continents! This is so valuable when many of us live busy lives but want to make the most of our free time.

    Thank you so much for sharing your passion for the language and creating this excellent programme Llyane, I can’t wait for my next module & looking forward to the rest of my French language journey with you :-)”

    ~ Sioned Owens, Ski trainer
    United Kingdom

    “I signed up for the J’Ouellette Intensif program with Llyane and am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.

    The Intensif class allowed me to learn at my own pace, building on each module, rather than an online interactive course that decides the pace for me based on assumptions and timing. It is full of resources, videos and audio tools that focus on reading, phrase construction, grammar, and ear gymnastics.

    I love how each module builds on the one before it so it reinforces what you learned rather than just goes to another unrelated module where you tend to forget what you previously learned. I also love the reviews at the end of each module that tie the four lessons together.

    It is a very flexible program in terms of your schedule. You can take the classes at your convenience, so you never have to worry about payment and the timing of having to take the lessons within a specific time frame.

    With the one-on-one SKYPE lessons, Llyane helped me to focus on what I specifically needed around ear training to understand the subtleties around pronunciation. This has allowed me to become more aware of my errors to self-correct. She was always, generous and helpful with finding articles or subjects of interest to help with whatever I needed.

    I highly recommend this course to whomever is interested in learning French, no matter what your level, because Llyane coaches you from your starting point. She’s the best and I am so glad I made the decision to sign up for her programs!”

    ~ Kathy – Board of Directors
    United States

    “I have always wanted to learn French as a second language. And with Llyane’s help I have made a huge improvement. Llyane has a wonderful way of explaining the French language.

    She takes the time to ensure that you understand and incorporate correct French grammar and pronunciation into your conversation!

    She explains the rules of French in a way that makes sense and helps you naturally apply it to your learning.

    She has helped me gain confidence in speaking French properly. Llyane has a wonderful way of coaching her students.

    I was impressed with the lessons and will recommend her to anyone who is motivated to learn and speak French!”

    ~ Vanora Reghelini, nurse

    “It is a pleasure to take French classes when you are offered the opportunity to be open, without fear of making a mistake when saying a word, a nuance or during a verb conjugation!

    Glad to have a tutor who can do all this, and being able to adapt to what a student is, and what a student could be at their best. Learning a language without stress, what can be more fun?

    So, French with Llyane? A piece of cake!”

    ~ Peter Bennett, self employed

    “Llyane marries a systematic approach to learning with a refreshing, whimsical outlook on the subject of the French language as well as life in general. This “multidimensional” method opens the door to seeing the world around you in a new light almost as if by magic. The reality of what is happening to you as you move from the first lesson to the last is reminiscent of that fantastical journey of dreams. In short, the J’Ouellette system is much more than an online class. It is an experience that changes your perspective on life, inspires you to reach new goals and potentials, and allows you to relieve yourself of the rigid walls of traditional learning.

    As for Llyane herself, in her you gain a friend and confidante who can simultaneously coax and demand from you only your absolute best. She encourages mistakes, embraces personal quirks, and remoulds herself to fit each of her students in order to become an individualized rock of support. Her “back-to-basics” concept of teaching offers you the chance to experience how appreciating to simple things in life can open your eyes. She dares you to dream, challenges you to push past any misconceptions you may have about yourself, and, when all is said and done, leaves you feeling a little wiser and a little more French.”

    ~ Leah Downey, student
    United States





    $1,000 deposit


    4 monthly payments of


    * By clicking “Buy Now” you agree to our Terms and Conditions

    Once you decide to get started, here’s what happens next:

    1. Before starting: I will send you a set of resources that you will use during the program, to prep you for the ride
    2. we will decide together the day and time that works best for our private class – don’t worry, it can be changed anytime, with a 24-hour notice
    3. I will send you an email with the first module, link and password to the Member’s Area, and instructions of how to get the best out of the program.
    4. After we finish the program, my commitment to you doesn’t diminish. You can always contact me for questions and feed-back inside of the J’Ouellette Conversation Facebook group, which provides you with a supportive community of people for as long as you need it.

    I can only have up to 5 students on J’Ouellette® Intensif at any given time – register now to avoid the waiting list!

    …and don’t forget to check my Booking and Cancellation Policy.




    1. Do I need to know French before I start this program?


    You can start this program from zero or anywhere in the beginner-intermediate level. I customize the program for you so that your progress will be steady and that you reach the level of conversation you set your goal for. Typically, someone who starts from zero will reach a high intermediate to advanced level of conversation; someone starting at the intermediate level will reach the advanced level of conversation. For the person starting at the intermediate level, I include lessons from the advanced levels, so that the basis of the language is covered and mastered, and the level of conversation is proportional to the time investment in practice.

    2. What level of proficiency is the course?

    While we start by addressing basic topics of grammar, we welcome everybody who struggles with conversation, as you will learn techniques to help you use what you know in conversation, regardless of your level.

    If you start as a beginner, this program will lead you to a high-intermediate to advanced level of conversation.

    If you start as an intermediate, I will add advanced topics so that you can reach an advanced level of conversation.

    Everything you need is in this program, and I customize it based on your specific background, challenges and goals.

    3. How long is the course?

    It is designed to be finished in 21 weeks, provided that you work on one module / week.

    However, many people work on the program when they have time, so they finish the program in longer time, based on their other priorities.

    The program can be finished between 3 months and 1 year or more.

    4. How much it costs?

    The equivalent of your lunch ($13.59 / day) for 21 weeks.

    Here, I included the 19 weekly modules PLUS 2 weeks for the Pronunciation Master Course.

    5. Is this program only for people who need French for work or who move to France?


    In my experience, 95% of the people I’ve worked with took this program because they love French and had the lifetime goal of speaking the language. Most people I’ve worked with took this program as a hobby, to challenge themselves and grow, while giving themselves the tools they need to communicate with francophones around the world, travel for pleasure or business, tackling a world they never had access to before. Most people I work with are very successful in their business, and they want to reach the next levels personally and professionally.

    Yes, I can prepare you for exams, job interviews, etc. If this is your situation, please give your self enough time to assimilate the language so that after your exam/interview you are left with a second spoken language, and you’re not focusing only on passing the exam or getting the job. There is more to an exam/interview than just the expected questions, and you’ll end up being bilingual, which is a much bigger and rewarding goal.

    6. How much time will take me to get through the program?

    Invest more time if you want to reach fluency quicker, less time if you have other priorities in your life. I had clients who dedicated 1 hr/day 7 days/week and finished it in 3 months, and I also had clients who work on the program as they find time in their busy schedule and finish the program in 1 year or more.

    The 19 modules contain 5 15-minute videos.

    These videos can be worked on between 20 minutes – 1 hour, depending on the starting level of your French.

    If you want to finish the program in 5 months, then you’d have to work on one module a day, 5 days/week. If, however, you would like to work a little steadier, less intense, you can work on the modules as much time as you have, and you can book the Skype classes as you feel ready. You will finish the program in more time this way, while fitting French into your schedule and your other priorities.

    7. Will I be fluent when this program finishes?

    It depends how you define “fluency”.

    You will become bilingual, at a high Intermediate to Advanced level, and you can reach fluency at every level you reach on your way.

    Everyone learns in a different manner, but with the lifetime access to the program, you will be able to continue this adventure on your own, and you shouldn’t need any other classes thereafter.

    What you would need, however, in order to become fluent, would be a full immersion in the French culture and language, and it takes a while to get there – but I can help with that too, because I have a yearly Immersion Retreat in Paris that will give you the boost and courage to continue on your own.

    8. How is your course different from other methods of learning?

    You’re not only going to work with a French teacher, but with a French language coach (details below), someone who’s been using a second language for a living (English) for over 20 years, and learning 3 more languages (Italian, Spanish and German), so I know exactly what you are going through, and tested my learning techniques on myself first, before sharing them with you.

    With me, You will use the J’Ouellette® Method based on Ear Gymnastics , Sense Memory , Committed Impulse and Deep Practice – so you will become a Natural at this romance language.

    Committed Impulse, Sense Memory, and Deep Practice have different names, but they are pretty much the same thing: FAST, INTUITIVE and ORGANIC learning of behavior (languages, dialects, and skills) that you will NOT forget.

    You will learn how to “deep practice”, the same way the highly skilled professionals and performers do, which is simply a guided slowing down. Find out how to use this lil’ secret and you can learn to speak French at any age and despite the busiest schedule.

    J’Ouellette® Method is an unique approach to language learning – a method that has neuroscientific research behind it – using physical and mental exercises, which will transform your learning technique.

    Your only job will be to learn to speak Parisian French – my job is to learn YOU – the way you think, your learning habits – and help you use what works and drop what keeps you behind.

    I teach you how NOT to need me. But if you do, you have lifetime access to the learning materials and to me, for questions and guidance.

    9. Can I access everything all at once?


    I recommend going through the course in order because each lesson builds on the others. When you have all the material available it’s easy to get curious, and I’m here to take care of you and give you just the amount that is feasible and comfortable.

    Therefore, after finishing a module, I’m sending you the next, giving you instructions about what to focus on, how to change your approach and how to best get all the benefits from it.

    However, if you pay in full, and you are more comfortable having access to the entire program, I’m happy to grant it for you.

    10. How is “Parisian” French different from other French?

    Parisian French is what we call standard French: everybody in the World will understand you, and you have the advantage of knowing how to pronounce the French words using the rules of pronunciation and NOT learning one word at a time – which is frustrating and time consumming.

    If you want to sound Québec, Belgian or Swiss, you can put on an accent and learn their specific idioms once you master the basics.

    11. How much would I be able to speak after doing this program with you?

    You will have a solid foundation for conversation, will be able to easily manage ordering food in a French restaurant, making travel arrangements in French, asking for directions in Paris, making small talk in the café.

    12. Why should I do this now?

    Happiness is in the journey, not in the destination. It’s what happens when we pursue any meaningful goal and make significant progress toward your goal to be bilingual. Everything is at stake by not pursuing the transformation you want right now. You have the chance to hit the refresh button. That’s why getting this course now is so important.

    13. What if I feel like I don’t have time for this?

    Can I be frank? You have to figure out what’s important.

    Unfortunately too many of us sacrifice the “important” on the altar of the “urgent” and we never get to those things that really matter. If you want to make the kind of progress you’re after, you have to reverse that. Also, there is no ‘behind’ in the course – you can download the lessons and practice at your own pace – plus, you will be a lifetime member of the community, so you can catch up when you become again available.

    As a J’Ouellette® Member, you can also have lifetime access to your Skype classes, so you can take them whenever you come back from the break required by your job or life.

    14. Do you have a refund policy?

    First of all, please don’t sign up if you are planning to get a refund. I offer you the FREE assessment session to give you full confidence and peace of mind, but I am certainly interested in spending the time coaching students who are 100% committed.

    This said, I invite you to fully participate in the J’Ouellette® Intensif program for 30 days, and if you don’t feel you made an improvement in your French speaking skills, I would be happy to offer a FREE re-assessment and free additional Skype classes.

    TRÈS IMPORTANT: If you register for the program and ask for a re-assessment, I will request all of your completed homework (dictée, exercices). Also, you must participate regularly to the 1-on-1 classes, without any change of schedule (at least 1 Skype class/week), so re-assessments are processed at the earliest in your fifth week with me – no exceptions. This is a very hands-on program! No homework done – no free additional Skype classes.

    Why? Because I know that, if you actually DO the work and follow my method, you’ll get des résultats exceptionels. And if you complete the work and still do not get value, I’ll gladly throw in another FREE Skype session, because, franchement, once you build the right habits, you should feel that you receive huge value.

    I do this because I am committed to helping you become a French speaker who gets des résultats formidables.


    But wait, there’s more!

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Do you Need help accessing the members area or your modules? I am oh-so-happy to be available by email whenever you need me. Write at

    Global Members Community

    The J’Ouellette® community is growing and I have ways to access people around the globe who train with me. Can’t think of a better way to practice and boost your confidence. The private Facebook group dedicated only to J’Ouellette® students is a fantastic place where you can find people to connect with and chat in French.

    You will have access to the Members’ Area, where I share regularly free resources for you.

    Ask me a question, give me your challenge and I’ll take care of it right there and then. Even after you finish your program with me, you will receive video responses and articles in this section of the site, so you won’t ever need to search for them elsewhere.

    100% Risk Free Guarantee

    I invite you to fully participate in J’Ouellette® Intensif for 30 days, and if you don’t feel that you are making progress, we will reassess and change gears.

    Remember that we are a team, and you have to put in your 100% commitment , as I have to put in mine. While you learn French, I learn YOU, your ways, your habits, your learning patterns.

    I adapt and adjust the program to your ways, your needs, your goals and your pace. No two people learn the same way with me, so together we will find the perfect method that fits you, like a glove.

    Wonder why? Because Practice makes Perfect. Always!

    Lifetime Access

    Traveling around or getting a new puppy? Don’t worry. You can’t “miss out” or “fall behind” because you get lifetime access to your modules as well as all the updates that I make, and you can learn at your own convenience. Remember — the training materials will be there whenever you need them.

    Also, after you finish your programs with me, you will have access to me through the private FB group, and I will create answers to your questions in the form of videos or articles, which you will find there.

    Lifetime access means that I commit to support your learning and practice without limitation in time after you graduate.

    Grab & Go Training

    Tired of sitting through hour-long video training programs? I bet! That’s why every training video is between 15-20 minutes. I want you to learn, practice and put together a conversation as quickly as possible. No overwhelm or boredom.

    You can download the files and practice on your iPod or in the car, then I will guide your pronunciation, and understanding of grammar and phrase construction when you meet on Skype or on the phone.

    Yes, you can also have the conversation sessions by phone, and I have a free phone conference number and access code for you if you prefer it this way.

    Build your Credits for Free Classes

    When you refer me to your friends, and they become my students, I will gift you with up to four FREE classes! Use them in your ongoing learning program, as an assessment session, or just to get a taste of the way I do things.

    Share your experience with me on the Testimonials Page, and I will give you yet another FREE class! This is for my existing students only, but come on board and you’ll be one of them in no time 🙂

    Digital Products (audio files and transcripts)

    I do not offer refunds for digital products, as they can be easily copied. Please watch the Demo videos, before you decide to purchase.





    $1,000 deposit


    4 monthly payments of


    * By clicking “Buy Now” you agree to our Terms and Conditions

    Contact me, to see if this program is right for you.