So, do you believe that there is an ounce of truth in every myth?

Do you believe, for example, that Americans are less healthy than the French?

The answer may surprise you!

Check out the article below to find out and watch the video for some French worth knowing!

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The French have a reputation for being healthier and slimmer than Americans, the English and people from other parts of Europe. For years, the French have resisted the crazy amounts of sodium, sugar and processed foods that other Western countries consume by droves.

Unfortunately, however, in recent years, they have increased their meat and fat consumption, which may slowly change the way they look and feel. If they continue that trend, they may catch up to their American counterparts in waistline and preventable diseases soon.

While the so-called Western diet is slowly crippling into the French way of living, the French still have a huge advantage over other Western countries: their overall lifestyle and relationship with food is much better than the rest of us, which may contribute to slimmer bodies and happier minds.

Some of the great lessons we can learn from the French include:

The French Enjoy Fresh, Seasonal, Local Food

A walk through the streets of Paris or some of the towns in southern France will make this point perfectly clear. The French don’t have large supermarket chains sprouting in every neighborhood.

Instead, they still get their food from smaller markets that get their produce from local markets. This means that they consume produce that is generally fresher, seasonal and often times organic.

The French Cook Their Own Meals

People in France tend to cook at home, using a variety of herbs and spices and much less salt than Americans or even their UK neighbors. Regular use of spices in their daily cooking routines allow the French to experiment with different flavors, develop a more refine palate and get all the health benefits of herbs that are often considered to have powerful medicinal properties.

The French Eat Smaller Portions

This is slowly changing, as the effect of globalization motivate the French to eat larger quantities but they are still far behind the Americans and British in this regard. People in France are still eating 3 moderate meals per day and they rarely eat on the run, standing up or in front of the TV. Eating is a social experience, so they take their time, eat slowly, savoring and enjoying their food in the company of friends and family, much more than the average developed nation. The French also drink 1-2 cups of red wine with meals and this combination, when done in moderation could be adding to their overall health.

French People Walk Everywhere

The French spend far more time walking than most people in Europe and the USA. They walk to run errands, to get to work, after meals, or just simply to enjoy their beautiful country. All that daily, regular walking help them have a trimmer waisline, allow their bodies to get cleansing, oxygenated blood and
help provide all the benefits of regular exercise without the need for gyms or workout videos.

French People Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals can lead to a sluggish metabolism and sugar imbalances that could affect your waistline and can contribute to more serious yet preventable diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Eating meals at a regular time is one of the biggest lessons we can learn from the French. They rarely allow themselves to go hungry for too many hours, overeat or feel stuffed and they rarely skip meals. They also rarely snack or graze in between meals.

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5 Healthy Lifestyle lessons we can learn from the French

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