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business frenchSo, are you planning to use French in your business?

Do you need to know how much time and resources you need to budget to make it happen?

You’re in luck, Sylphie asked me this on Quora today:

“What’s the best way to get to a business-fluent level of French from an intermediate-advanced level, and about how long might it take?”

And I thought that you’d be curious to know my answer.

Of course, results vary based on the actual knowledge and conversation level of the intermediate francophone, as well as on the time commitment during the process.

But, taking all the variables into account, and trying in the same time to be general enough so that most people can relate and be helped by my answer, here is my opinion.


Thank you for inviting me to answer this question, Sylphie!

I’ll say, for the sake of this discussion, that intermediate-advanced level is B2. I will also assume that your conversation is at a lower level than your reading/writing. It always is. So I’ll stay with B2, and not say C1, for this reason.

A business-fluent level would be C2.

I have an advanced program (J’Ouellette® Avancé) split into 4 levels, and I’ll say that you could reach both the conversation and knowledge level C2 using my first 2 levels of my advanced program. Thinking out loud here, but also wanted to share with you a solid reasoning and a solution for your problem.

My first 2 advanced levels include 109 lessons.

Now, it depends how much time you commit to them. If you do one lesson/week, you’ll spend 109 weeks, that would be 25 months. In my experience, people take more than one hour per lesson, that’s why I count, on the conservative end, a total of 155 hours (36 months).

Also, these quotes are for someone who does this program with my help – I cannot give a quote for the same ending level for someone who chooses to self-teach or takes group classes.

So that gives you between 2–3 years to reach a business-fluent level, when working on your French with the pace described above.

However, if you are really driven, you can do these lessons once a day, so then you would look at 155 days, which means 5 months.

Bonne chance !


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Now it is your turn!

Comment below and let me know how long it took YOU to reach a fluent level in the French conversation?


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How long it takes from intermediate to fluent French?

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