the valentine of paris

valentine of parisToday is my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday, mom!

Although Valentine’s Day is supposed to have a romantic twist, I’m happy that this blog post coincides with this event.

OK, here’s your romantic twist: mom and dad have, in my opinion, one of the most romantic relationships. Yes, they have been married for a long time, but I’m not going to label their relationship “a marriage” simply because one doesn’t have to be married in order to build a beautiful relationship.

My dad is a lucky guy. And all of us around them.

Here’s to love!

(This week: the verb AIMER – to love)



Valentine’s Day is an interesting holiday, in ways that have escaped most of the western world.

The current well-known story of St. Valentine began out of many myths. There were many Valentines of the past, many of which were martyrs, some of which were Valentinas. The versions of the various stories of their relatively unknown lives are also in many numbers. there’s more unknown than it is known about St. Valentine. So how have we become so sure?

So how did we end up with such a clear-cut idea of St. Valentine to the point where we base an entire holiday on it? How did this narrative become so unified and canonical from such a sea of hearsay and unknowns?

It has something more to do with the values of that story. Values of true love and communication, commitment and connection, the willingness to place love as the highest standard, enough to martyr oneself for its continued existence. These are the values that have survived the unknown, pieced together over the ages to become the story we all now know too well.

The stories are mainly of Italian origins, but celebrations of Valentine’s Day can be found all across the world, especially in Paris.

Parisians take Valentine’s day more serious than the western world because they understand the value of true connection. For them, dating is a puerile exercise because they do not need such a social elimination contest in order for them to be able to meet and have real connections with each other.

Perhaps out of the rest of the world it is Paris where this holiday is best celebrated. It’s where you can truly get the true sense of what it’s really all about. There’s far less cynicism and corporate special interests there to get in the way.

It’s where you can see its true colors, no strings attached.

Daniel @ zenpolitics


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Now it is your turn!

Tell us in the comments below, what is the first person that comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s?


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The Valentine of Paris

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